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Face & Hand Friendly

The World's 1st Natural
Organic Anti-Pathogenic
Disinfecting Sanitizer

Tested 99.99% Effective Against COVID-19 Surrogate.

Organic based, non-GMO, drug and alcohol-free solution with no added chemicals that has been successfully proven to kill COVID-19. Test results in a USA CDC approved lab indicate that the product kills the virus in two (2) minutes time. The product, Pathaway Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution, has applicable use on porous and non-porous surfaces.


NatShield® Disinfecting Sanitizer 4-Pack
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NatShield® 4-Pack Includes:

2X NatShield® 60 ML

2X NatShield® 30 ML

NatShield is the only sanitizer containing Path-Away® - a plant based all natural, alcohol free sanitizer completely free of genetically modified organism (GMO. It has been tested in world renowned laboratories, including those working with World Health Organization, to instantly kill over 170 deadly pathogens.

Path-Away® is made in the United States by subjecting unique plant material to a proprietary process under specific pressure and temperature conditions. It is colorless, odorless, washes easily and does not stain. It both heat and light tolerant. It has long shelf life and does not change color over time. Unlike alcohol, it does not evaporate and has a persistence effect unlike other sanitizers. 

*Due to our rebranding campaign, product packaging and label may vary.

Hand & Face Friendly

Our one of a kind formula can be used around the face and nose area for "on the go protection"

About NatShield™

Effective Against 99.99% of Pathogens & Germs

Kills over 150 Fungal, Bacterial, Viral & Yeast Pathogens including: MRSA, HERPES, SALMONELLA, E-COLI, H1N1, & INFLUENZAS 

The Science

The research behind Path-Away®, an active ingredient in NatShield™

The Science

The Creator of Path-Away®

Path-Away® is made in the United States by subjecting unique plant material to a proprietary process.

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