Natural Formula
Strong Results

Is Better Than Cure

Face & Hand Friendly

The World's 1st Natural
Organic Anti-Pathogenic
Disinfecting Sanitizer


Hand & Face Friendly

Our one of a kind formula can be used around the face and nose area for "on the go protection"

About NatShield™

Effective Against 99.99% of Pathogens & Germs

Kills over 150 Fungal, Bacterial, Viral & Yeast Pathogens including: MRSA, HERPES, SALMONELLA, E-COLI, H1N1, & INFLUENZAS 

The Science

The research behind Path-Away®, an active ingredient in NatShield™

The Science

The Creator of Path-Away®

Path-Away® is made in the United States by subjecting unique plant material to a proprietary process.

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